Sheldon You should Stop Saying the Word “STRING THEORY”

Hello, The big bang theory Fans.  Many of you wonder (because of Dr. Sheldon Cooper  as he speaks so much about it.) that what is string Theory ? What is this stuff that keeps on going on Sheldon’s  mind , so now it is kind of mandatory for you understand it..


To understand String theory first we should know that Einstein was wrong , his laws are not valid for all the things in the universe because  all the physical laws break down inside the black hole, and also Einstein equation doesn’t answer our question of what happen before the big bang.

That’s where string theory come into play , Well Einstein said that universe is a bubble and we all are insects lying upon that bubble .  Whereas string theory state that there is not a single bubble, there are many bubbles out there named Multiverse , these multiverses are also called parallel universes which you here sometimes from Sheldon cooper .

So how does big bang take place ?  Well simple ,  by the collision of two bubbles (universe) . Back in the time when two universes collide to form one single universe enormous amount of energy is released and this phenomenon is called the big bang.

Now the second question arises that it is possible to go into these another bubble (universe) ?

yes , through a wormhole as shown in the movie Interstellar.

Now, what is a wormhole ?

Consider  that I need to go from one point A to another point B in space .but it takes a long time. so instead of taking the long path I bend the space like a sheet of paper and connect point A and point B, now the shortcut created is called the wormhole.



Now here is a problem.  it is kind of impossible to generate wormhole because enormous  energy  is required to build a wormhole and that much energy is released in the big bang (around trillion of joules)

but at least we have the equation with us.

ds^2= - c^2 dt^2 + dl^2 + (k^2 + l^2)(d \theta^2 + \sin^2 \theta \, d\phi^2).

kindly ask any burning questions in  the comment section



3 thoughts on “Sheldon You should Stop Saying the Word “STRING THEORY”

  1. Ummm. I would have to disagree there is no possible way to go through a wormhole AND survive to tell about it. You would be dead before you even know about it. The intensity of the gravitational pull will snap you spin and dislocate your hips and your brain would turn to mush… In a matter of seconds. Let Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson explain in the attached link:

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    1. yes Trejan Barber that’s what i believe that it is impossible to create a wormhole as enormous energy is required (kindly read the end of the blog).
      btw thanks for the video link.


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