7 Amazing Factoids About “Bubble Wrap”

Yes!! Bubble wraps are just not made up so that you can pop them for fun!

This time, let us  talk about something so small that you did not notice until you open your New crockery set from Amazon.


1. They were Designed to use as a wallpaper

The inventor of Bubble Wrap  Al Fielding & Marc Chavannes were intended to make a textured wallpaper by shower Curtains and sealed air.


2. IBM was the First Customer.

After 3 years down the Lane, Mr. Bowers a Marketer Finally came up with an idea to use this as packaging Material.

He pitched the idea to IBM and demonstrated its ability as a Packaging material.

IBM Began purchasing Bubble wrap for shipping its newly build 1401 computer.

In this time IBM sells double the number of 1401’s as projected .

Around 10,000 units were sold in first five weeks while 5000 were projected ,thanks to bubble wrap for protecting this fragile equipment thus move things more swiftly.

3. No, they are Not balloons.

There are misconceptions  during  the manufacturing  that air is filled inside the bubbles just like balloons are inflated.

But manufacturing of bubble wrap is opposite of what you think.

It is made by Trapping Air bubbles in Between two  sheets of Plastic  as they are heated and passed between rollers.



A bubble wrapping machine


4. Bubble wrap Appreciation day

Yes ,You read it right!! They are celebrated.

Bubble Wraps are very loyal and supportive in nature, they assured the safety of your fragile gift that is sent to your loved ones.

Spirit 95 Radio , FM station in Bloomington , Indiana that started  Bubble Wrap Appreciation day in 2001 conduct it successfully every year on 25 th of January.bubble-wrap


images (3)
Bubble wrap in Fashion on the Appreciation day

The events include Popping relay , Pop-a mole and sculpture and Fashion design contests.

Just proudly POP your Bubble Wrap.


5.Bubble wrap Therapy

According to the first ever “pop” poll stress survey, one minute of popping the bubbles in bubble wrap provides stress relief equivalent to 33 minutes of massage.


6. Multi usable (Just apply your Brain)

Bubble wrap can be used for many purposes.

To keep your windshield and plant safe from frost, even prevent your ice cream from melting ,to insulate your drafty window and avoid sweaty toilet seats.

As well as a comfortable pillow and a burglar alarm.


7. Infinite Bubble wrap

All of us want a bubble wrap that never ends.

Just spend $9.00 on Amazon for  “Bandai Mugen Puti Puti Bubble Pop Keychain”


Each keychain device has 8 rubbery little “bubble” buttons. They have a pretty close tactile feel to actual bubble wrap.

The Touch and sound are pretty Close to bubble wrap.

you can sit in the office and pop it for hours to annoy your rival.

Until then enjoys this virtual bubble wrap.

Keep Poping !!!

Live Long and Prosperous!



How much money is required to be IRON MAN

Most of Iron Man fans want to live  lavish  life like tony stark ,

Well, it’s not tough if you are on the list of the richest man on the planet.

So readers, this time, I go out of my league and calculate the cost of iron man,s lifestyle .

Let start with:

1. Real estate


Stark live in malibu , California that gives us the cost of property to be:

 The average cost of that size of a house that goes in that area is  $75 million

closest thing in real life is comparable to Bill gates house in Washington which contains voice control devices, heated floor , underwater music system, and 23 luxury cars.

it is estimated to be $1.4 billion .

The stark tower that’s is in Manhatten NewYork comparable to Metlife building in Manhatten which is estimated to be $3 billion .


2. The look of Tony


If one is a billionaire then he should  look like a  billionaire.

Tony’s  handsome look  come from highest paid barber , designer suits and Rolex watches .

The most expensive stylist in California takes fees around $1000 for one appointment.

and for one year it goes to $12,000

Add up some suits and designer glasses that gives us around $100,000

3.  J.A.R.V.I.S


Tony is kind of helpless without his artificial intelligent computer (J.A.R.V.I.S)

To generate this high processing power tony requires a Quantum Computer .

The fastest computer in this world is K- computer (8 quadrillion calculation per second)

It’s estimated cost is $1.5 billion .

Also, J.A.R.V.I.S  uses  virtual reality as interface thus closest software in virtual reality is Oculus which cost around $2 billion  .

4. Power And Energy.


Stark Tower ,house  and his suits is powered by palladium  Arc reactor.

Its manufacturing Cost is unknown but it generates 16 million horsepower or 12 gigajoules per second.

That much energy is only generated by NASA  space shuttle endeavour.

thus, it cost can be taken as $1.7 billion  equivalent to a space shuttle.

5. Research & development.


Tony is shown as Lone hunter in the movie but this is insignificant , to develop and maintain the all the systems and suits tony require some smart engineers.

Aerospace , military engineers make around $120,000  per annum

so tony require at least 10 engineers research team for his assistance.

That’s get us to $1,200,000 for engineering Team.

5. Suit


The cost of Fully functional Iron man suit is hard to determine for Obvious reasons


We take the Cost of Developing & maintaining Cost of a Super Flying Machine.

The beast of Sky developed by Northrop corp.  “The Northrop Grumman B-2 .”

This Jet cost Around $2.13 billion  (With top speed 1010 km/h)

Thus , Tony has  42 suits so the total cost can be obtained by multiplying 2.13 billion to 42.

Here is the screenshot of Excel sheet for the final result.


Freaking $ 90.5  billion  that’s

=  Rs. 63,38,38,25,40,000 = 6 lakh Crore Only

This much money can be only obtained when your Surname is STARK.


Good Luck with That!!

Feel the graphics

What if the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet could touch you back? What if the touch was as integrated into our ubiquitous technology as sight and sound?

The answer is Haptic technology . Yeah, the scientist is working on a technology that literally give you the feel of a touch thus it is a leap forward in virtual reality.

Let us understand how some of the haptic equipment works :

The PHANTOM interface from SensAble Technologies was one of the first haptic systems to be sold commercially. Its success lies in its simplicity. Instead of trying to display information from many different points, this haptic device simulates touching at a single point of contact. It achieves this through a stylus which is connected to a lamp-like arm. Three small motors give force feedback to the user by exerting pressure on the stylus. So, a user can feel the elasticity of a virtual balloon or the solidity of a brick wall. He or she can also feel the texture, temperature, and weight. The stylus can be customized so that it closely resembles just about any object. For example, it can be fitted with a syringe attachment to simulate what it feels like to pierce skin and muscle when giving a shot.

This a short video of the Omni

Now let’s talk about how you feel the graphics and keys on your smartphone screen.

This is done piezoelectric actuators .

Piezoelectric is a material which produce voltage difference when a pressure applied to it.

For example quartz , this material is present on your analog watches.

 In Greek piezo means pressure

This image depicts how haptic technology performs in your mobile.


Microsoft research center Asia is performing some methods to indulge this technology in their smartphone .

Applications of Haptic Technology

It’s not difficult to think of ways to apply haptics. Video game makers have been early adopters of passive haptics, which takes advantage of vibrating joysticks, controllers, and steering wheels to reinforce on-screen activity.

Graphical user interfaces, like those that define Windows and Mac operating environments, will also benefit greatly from haptic interactions. Imagine being able to feel graphic buttons and receive force feedback as you depress a button.

Training with haptics is becoming more and more common. For example, medical students can now perfect delicate surgical techniques on the computer, feeling what it’s like to suture blood vessels in an anastomosis or inject BOTOX into the muscle tissue of a virtual face.

A person using haptics to practice a operation and feel exact same force and touch provide in real time.

A person using haptics to practice an operation and feel exact same force and touch provide in real time.

Aircraft mechanics can work with complex parts and service procedures, touching everything that they see on the computer screen And soldiers can prepare for battle in a variety of ways, from learning how to defuse a ­bomb to operating a helicopter, tank or fighter jet in virtual combat scenarios.

Haptic technology is also widely used in teleoperation or telerobotics. In a telerobotic system, a human operator controls the movements of a robot that is located some distance away. Some teleoperated robots are limited to very simple tasks, such as aiming a camera and sending back visual images. In a more sophisticated form of teleoperation known as telepresence, the human operator has a sense of being located in the robot’s environment.

scientist can feel they at mars and feel  the texture of soil.

The scientist can present virtually at mars and feel the texture of  the soil.

Robot can be operated in new and get the feel of actual condition on robot like forces and  also temperature

Robot can be operated in new and get the feel of actual condition on robot like forces and also temperature

This technology is on the way just keep alive and enjoy it.