How much money is required to be IRON MAN

Most of Iron Man fans want to live  lavish  life like tony stark ,

Well, it’s not tough if you are on the list of the richest man on the planet.

So readers, this time, I go out of my league and calculate the cost of iron man,s lifestyle .

Let start with:

1. Real estate


Stark live in malibu , California that gives us the cost of property to be:

 The average cost of that size of a house that goes in that area is  $75 million

closest thing in real life is comparable to Bill gates house in Washington which contains voice control devices, heated floor , underwater music system, and 23 luxury cars.

it is estimated to be $1.4 billion .

The stark tower that’s is in Manhatten NewYork comparable to Metlife building in Manhatten which is estimated to be $3 billion .


2. The look of Tony


If one is a billionaire then he should  look like a  billionaire.

Tony’s  handsome look  come from highest paid barber , designer suits and Rolex watches .

The most expensive stylist in California takes fees around $1000 for one appointment.

and for one year it goes to $12,000

Add up some suits and designer glasses that gives us around $100,000

3.  J.A.R.V.I.S


Tony is kind of helpless without his artificial intelligent computer (J.A.R.V.I.S)

To generate this high processing power tony requires a Quantum Computer .

The fastest computer in this world is K- computer (8 quadrillion calculation per second)

It’s estimated cost is $1.5 billion .

Also, J.A.R.V.I.S  uses  virtual reality as interface thus closest software in virtual reality is Oculus which cost around $2 billion  .

4. Power And Energy.


Stark Tower ,house  and his suits is powered by palladium  Arc reactor.

Its manufacturing Cost is unknown but it generates 16 million horsepower or 12 gigajoules per second.

That much energy is only generated by NASA  space shuttle endeavour.

thus, it cost can be taken as $1.7 billion  equivalent to a space shuttle.

5. Research & development.


Tony is shown as Lone hunter in the movie but this is insignificant , to develop and maintain the all the systems and suits tony require some smart engineers.

Aerospace , military engineers make around $120,000  per annum

so tony require at least 10 engineers research team for his assistance.

That’s get us to $1,200,000 for engineering Team.

5. Suit


The cost of Fully functional Iron man suit is hard to determine for Obvious reasons


We take the Cost of Developing & maintaining Cost of a Super Flying Machine.

The beast of Sky developed by Northrop corp.  “The Northrop Grumman B-2 .”

This Jet cost Around $2.13 billion  (With top speed 1010 km/h)

Thus , Tony has  42 suits so the total cost can be obtained by multiplying 2.13 billion to 42.

Here is the screenshot of Excel sheet for the final result.


Freaking $ 90.5  billion  that’s

=  Rs. 63,38,38,25,40,000 = 6 lakh Crore Only

This much money can be only obtained when your Surname is STARK.


Good Luck with That!!