Alright the answer to the above question is YES ,and can be explained in single word “SINGULARITY”

Now the word singularity can be used in 2 ways

SPACE TIME SINGULARITY — That take place at the center of the black hole and in big bang due to a high gravitational field that even light cannot escape through it . Now definition from Wikipedia confuses us and say that “A gravitational singularity or spacetime singularity is a location where the quantities that are used to measure the gravitational field become infinite in a way that does not depend on the coordinate system. These quantities are the scalar invariant curvatures of spacetime, which includes a measure of the density of matter.

Now I say this is ridicules according to me singularity means ” I DON’T KNOW” actually nobody knows what happen at the center of a black hole. The laws of physics are not valid there or maybe be a new set of laws are introduced there .

however back to topic about can we become the god? The answer is the Technological singularity.

It happens when computer power grows and surpassing human intelligence swapping aside everything in its path. this technology may be 20 years away or it may be a thousand , but most researchers believe that technological singularity is possible . The theory is that if it is uncontrolled the result will be catastrophic.

We cannot predict what will super intelligent machine do , maybe they have their own goals and thoughts they may even choose to eliminate everything that stands in their path including us , just like in terminator and blade runner but there is also a second optimistic thought that instead of fighting the machine we should merge with them, here how it should be done.

The brain is the most complex thing in the universe . we can use advanced MRI to scan each individual neuron and abstract the data from it and upload it to the mother computer just like a large server ,and all this collectible knowledge can be transmitted back to our brain when required in a particular situation.


These large serverĀ  is connected to each other and to every neuron of the individual updating our mind just like smartphones.

This graph shows that by the end of 21 st century the new era of human may begin

This graph shows that by the end of 21 st century the new era of human may begin

Thus, we will be no longer homosepians but a new species named homo superior that can evolve instantly instead of taking million of years thus we are talking about HUMANITY BECOME LIKE THE GOD .

Feel free to comment your ideas about the singularity .